The Best After School Activities

Kids in elementary school are getting used to sitting still and completing school tasks for several hours each day. They deserve a break, but that doesn’t mean that breaks can’t be educational with fun after school activities.

Cooking with Your Kids

As kids get older, their tastes change and a lot of times they become more picky. This can be turned into a boon by letting your kids pick out what they want to eat and then letting them cook it with you. Make sure that you include fruits and vegetables to send a message to your kids about the importance of healthy eating. Immediately after school, encourage your kids to create snack art with fruits and vegetables.

The Mentos Soda Experiment

As your kids learn about science, there are things you can do to help them discover how fun science can be. Your kids will get a kick out of the Mentos and diet soda experiment. First, make sure that you do this outside because it is known to make a big mess. To create a really big eruption, create a stack of Mentos so you can drop them into the litre of diet soda. The reaction will happen really fast, so be prepared.

Relay Races

As kids get older, they’re less likely to get seriously hurt while playing and a range of new activities open up to them. One is a relay race. The kids are given an object that they must carry. Each kid stands at a separate location along the track. Then, the object is passed from one participant to another. A variation of this game is the dress up relay. With this version, the kids take turns putting on a piece of clothing, such as a hat or a pair of shoes.

Tape Ball

If the weather is too bad to play anything outside, all you need is tape, a doorway and a ball made out of paper. Stretch tape from one edge of the doorway to the other with each piece of tape intersecting with several others. Award points for each time the ball made out of paper sticks to the tape.