Fun Activities for Your Toddler

When kids are toddlers, they are filled with explosive creativity that they are looking for outlets for. This creativity is something you must nurture as a parent through safe and fun creative activities.


Fingerpainting is an activity that has stood the test of time. Children love to get their hands dirty and fingerpainting gives them the freedom to let their imaginations run wild. When giving kids paints, there are two important factors to consider.
1. Make sure that the paints are non-toxic
2. Use paints that are easily washed off


Dress-up is a great way for kids to learn how to dress themselves. Also, dress-up gives children opportunities to find out who they really are, with clothing being an expression of individuality. For toddlers, hats are an appropriate way to play dress-up because it’s easy to throw a hat on.


Cooking easy recipes with your toddler is one way to teach him or her to learn to love cooking. Some foods, such as muffins, have many steps that the toddler could follow on his or her own. Also, while cooking, you can teach your child important habits like the idea of cleaning as you go. If your toddler loves something in particular, like dinosaurs, try to make something that resembles a T-Rex to hold interest.


Singing is a great way for children to practice their vocal skills. Also, singing is a creative outlet and you might be surprised at how your kids want to change the words of the song and change the meaning. Also, most children are happy to sing songs. You don’t have to force them to.

Playing Adults

Toddlers usually want to do things that adults are able to do. For example, they may want a toy credit card, plastic cooking implements or toy tools. These are great for making kids feel more grown-up without putting them in danger.